Core Capabilities

Handle customer interactions seamlessly at the phone — all without involving your staff


Take Orders

Our AI enables customers to effortlessly place orders through the phone, offering direct integration into your POS system and a thorough understanding of your menu, including the ability to address concerns related to allergies and dietary restrictions.


Manage Reservations

Customers can seamlessly book tables, change their reservations, or even inform you of a delay with our AI, which autonomously navigates and updates your table availability data.


Answer Questions

Our AI is equipped to manage a wide array of customer inquiries, including operating hours and location information.


POS Integration

Our AI integrates directly into your existing POS system, allowing orders and reservations to show up directly in your system.


Secure In-call Payment

Customers can pay for orders securely over the phone with our AI, combining convenience with top-tier security.


Customization Options

Our platform offers a suite of customization options to tailor our services to your unique restaurant needs. For a consultation and to explore the full range of possibilities, please email us at


Advanced Dialogue Capabilities

Our cutting-edge tech enables nuanced and context-aware conversations for exceptional customer experiences.

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Multilingual Conversation

Argo Labs speaks and understands multiple languages — and is able to recognize and switch languages mid-conversation!

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Menu Understanding

Argo Labs has a thorough understanding of your menu, including the ability to answer customer questions about allergies and dietary restrictions.

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Interruption Handling

Argo Labs gracefully manages interruptions, ensuring a smooth and natural flow of dialogue.

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Order Memory & Dynamic Adjustment

Argo Labs remembers your order and can make in-conversation adjustments.

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24/7 Availability

Never miss a call — Argo Labs is always available for your customers, day and night.

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Outstanding Customer Service

Argo Labs provides exceptional and friendly support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Comprehensive Accent Understanding

Argo Labs was built with diverse accents in mind for seamless communication.

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Human-like Latency

Argo Labs eliminates lag time, and responds as fast as a human would!